SwARM : this is almost the end

Hi everyone,

We made so much progress since last time. The robot can do a simple movement with much accuracy.

I spent the day to merge the IMU code into dev but we are facing some issue.
I started to script the final presentation with Paul and do some slides.

We are near our goal, still their is much work to do.

that’s all, have a good night (better than ours ^^)

SwARM last update of the week-end before evalutation

Hui everyone,

This week-end we worked hard to finish our project. We are near the end still there are things more to do.
I soldered three more boards and manufactured leds strip with Arnaud.

We are merging moving branch with the choreography algorithm.

that’s all. 🙂

SwARM progress like its bot

Hi everyone,

So today we made some progress, first, we draw the our algorithm for moving

This afternoon we finally got the robot to go strait forward !!! Such an improvement !!!

With Paul we started to determined the “limits” of the robot movements like : what is the minimum time needed to do a perect 90° turn ? What is the ideal acceleration at the beginning of a strait line to respect the distance ? Actually it works with the fact that we divide the movement in little ones and we let a bigger time for the firsts centimeters so it can reach its max speed more smoothly.

Tomorrow we will finish this part and try to merge it with the choreography algorithm of Alban.

That’s all, good night

Debugging Coding wheels

hi everyone,

a little update to say that we manage to drive our coding wheels by switching from the comparator of the STM32 to the simple ADC and handling this part with software.
here it is some so much more precise results

it was a busy night (deadline syndrome…)

that’s all.

Mass Production for SwARM

Hi everyone,

today I have soldered two new board for swarm and I patched the usb on one for further decawave test. I also patched the battery connector, because we used another type of battery for beacon than the ones we use for robots and the wires order wasn’t the same.

I also helped Arnaud on merging code. It seems that we finally have a perfectly working pwm which is great because we didn’t know that we had to produce 2 pwm on the two sides of the motor. (the second is the reverse from the first).

Tomorrow I have my final exam of STREC so I worked on that this evening. Wish me luck.

That’s all for tonight.

SwARM much to say

So this week we debugged motors with Paul then with Arnaud with oscilloscope.

We founded that the H bridges have a strange behaviour. More in the next episode.
Here the signal on the motor.

I also crafted all the motors with coding wheels during the week end.

I also have found why the usb don’t work. The two pist pm dm have been inverted.

So Arnaud patched his board

That’s all have a good night.
sorry for the delay.

SwARM : having the first prototype !!!

Sooooooo, we finally have a prototype !! not fully functional but it works (spi leds at least !) .

so tomorrow we should finish all the boards.
We might change our coding wheels with some hack with transparent paper (picture later).

I’m porting the fusion between imu, decawave and coding wheels informations.

That’s all, have a good night 🙂

SwARM, Let’s dance !

Hey everyone,

So this week end we figured out that our code may not fit on the flash of the robots >< hard time is it huh ?
So we decided first to compile with -Os argument and to review our code to spare some space.

We designed a choreography with Paul, you can check it out on our drive
Also I’ve updated a little the music mix which is still there

Also I started my revision for the finals of the semester which are during the week of the ROSe presentation, yay !
We have not so many classes this week so we will work 24/7 on SwARM 🙂

that's all, good night 🙂

SwARM toward the end

Hi everyone,

So today was a good day we defined the big steps for the choreographies : we will make some basics movements synchronize with music. I made a medley after much and much discussion about which music to choose. You can find it here.

Also I finish IMU implementation (finally ><) and merged it in dev. I will add threads and interruption support tomorrow. 🙂

Also we will perform our final presentation in Thevenin amphitheater because it offer sufficient place to do some choreography with around 6 – 10 robots and everyone in here will see it from slightly above which is great.

By the way it seems that we will only make 6 robots because we only have 6 batteries and their is no more in Farnell's stocks…

But overall it is very cheerfull to see our project taking some formss like Paul can pilote wheels, Arnaud can locate a decawave, Alban can locate a led… 🙂

that's all, good night.

Finally got things work

Hi everyone,

So SwARM in a nutshell :

We are getting our PCB this week, we finished the board.h, we need to port some driver on ChibiOS, I’ve got a functioning driver for the IMU and a calibration algorithm. I started to design a real choreography with Paul : we wanted to make some mouvement with musics. And maybe a pong animation.

That’s all