Some proprietary code in SwARM ?

Hi everyone,

I almost finished the board.h it will be ready for tomorrow so we can start to port our project to the swarm board.

I also determine that the driver I used for the MPU wasn’t good at all and provided some false results. There are some more drivers out there but very few proposed the Digital Motion Processor (which is doing the fusion internally) support.
I emailed invensense to have access to their developer download corner : they seem to propose some proprietary driver for the MPU9250. So I am waiting for an answer.

that’s all

It Works but it Broke

Hi everyone,

so I finally founded and managed to port some MPU driver to ChibiOS. It’s very cool because it include fusion algorithms (Mahony Quaternion Update ), calibration and self test and…
It’s a Beerware (I love those) !! ^^
So I have values but they are floats and I need int to print them correctly with ChibiOS on serial (that’s just a detail). So I tested my program and it worked but I moved the IMU so many times to test the driver that I broke some wires >< I will repair them tomorrow morning before class.

I also started to write the board.h for our board. It will be finished this week. All pins have been defined and named. I just have to specify the modes of each pin.

Now let’s talk about the choreographies :
When the project started we would like to work on emerging behaviour but it seems complicated to work on that if we d’ont have any fonctionning bot.
So it seems more reasonnable to describe some preset choreagraphies that our bots would do.
We would like to do some circles and one sort of horizontal multi-colour 8. Then we could do one little party of pong.
So we need that our bots can do curve and strait lines because they will recieve orders every 10th of seconds at least. 🙂

that’s all for tonight.

SwARMy new year !!!

Hey everyone,

First of all Happy new year and best wishes.

I’m back from Holidays which were great. I saw my family and all. It was a lot of fun but now let’s go back to work.

I managed to almost finish the board.h for SwARM. It should be ready tomorrow I think. And I’ve found some driver for the IMU but it is for mbed so I have to port it on ChibiOS or juste to re-use the function that I’m interested in.

That’s all for tonight. 🙂

finally getting the I2C working

Hi everybody,

I have finally manage to make the I2C working. So I pinged the MPU and it responded.
My objective for the next week is to have former orientation values.

We also started to use pull requests on Dev branch. We decided to have two reviews minimum before merging.

We hope to have the PCB during the first week of January if everything is okay we should have a working proto on the second week.

That’s all for me I wish you a good night, happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.

pimp my git

hi everyone,

today we, all together, SwARM, like a family (with some issue maybe…) have entirely reviewed our git history of our features to clean our git deposits.
It was very painful but we learned a lot about git (like git rebase) I feel like an historian right now !!
We also started to merge our finish features in dev branch and use a pull request system to do so.

I’m quite exhausted but happy of this work. I also reviewed Paul’s push request which he restarted a few times before being accepted ^^

Also I’m progressing on the IMU part but I feel that I’m stuck with a little problem on I2C transmission : signal don’t appear on the signal analyser but the code seems correct. Even Alexis didn’t find why it didn’t work. Still digging…

And the surprises of today : secret Santa !
Paul organized of secret Santa party for rose attendant which was a very cool idea ! Benoît offer me a wonderful glass and I’m very pleased of

Paul organised also a dinner in a restaurant “café d’Italie” which was good. Thank you very much for your wonderful ideas

That’s all for tonight 🙂

SwARMy christmas

Hi everybody,

Paul had a super idea : we will do a secret santa between all rose attendants and with Alexis and Sam of course. Moreover tomorrow we will eat together as a team building (not only swarm but all students in rose).

I have some difficulties to make the IMU work. I can’t even talk to it. Next week I expect us to choose the cam.

That’s all for tonight.

Doing some maths for last time of my life

Hi everyopne,

I have done my last math exercise for last time of my studies (I hope) :
first I passed MDI210 (with 10/20 but it’s something), meaning I don’t need maths UE anymore and…

it's something

it’s something

Then I proposed maths formulas to resolve robots positions with only 3 beacons positions and relative distance between robots and beacons :

let’s assume three beacons, representing an orthogonal reference : P1 : origin, P2 : x axis, P3 : y axis
P4 robot position : what we are searching for. Lets assume Xn and Yn the coordinates of Pn.
Rn : the distance between Pn and P4 : Pn radio radius, position possibilities of the detected robot

X4 = ( R1^2 – R2^2 + X2^2 ) / 2 * X2
Y4 = ( R1^2 – R3^2 + X3^2 + Y3^2 ) / (2 * Y3 – (X3 / Y3) * X4 )

with robot on P4 with coordinates (X4, Y4)

What do you think about my incredible maths ? 😉

I also progressed on the IMU part, I understand the interest of using Stream in ChibiOS for debug messages because it is an abstract layer and I can used it on serial connection, or serial over usb of even with socket !
I also founded some MPU drivers on github that I will use / port on Chibios.

That’s all, good night 🙂

Contacting professionals

Hey everyone,

I haven’t done so much on SwARM on the technical part but I contacted Drix to have some idea about choreographies, artistic projects similar to our and other stuff that we might have forgotten. He is super enthusiast and gave us multiple contact and idea. I have to answer him maybe to meet him (around some beer 😉 ).

I should have work more on the IMU part but I had to help my mom to move her stuff from our flooded basement. No panic most of the stuff are safe like my 3y/o clothes 😉

That’s all folks, good night 🙂

Liloo Dalas multi-color multi-language

Hi everyone,

so today I finally finished to port my led driver to ChibiOS, you can find it on Github on the branch led

I also start to translate our wiki in english because we started it in french. All the pulibc destinated pages are already translated.
Tomorrow I will translate the PSSC and Git Help pages.

That’s all 🙂

SwARMaximum Precision

Hey everybody,

This week I worked on the imu. I also start porting my led program on ChibiOS. You can see below my E407 with beautiful add-ons : the IMU and a 8 leds strip.
I am little bit late on the IMU because I would have liked to finish this part this week-end but it seems I will finish it next week.


Thursday we measured (with Arnaud) the precision of the decawave. We panicked a little bit because we had around 20 cm precision. Until I suggest we used them vertically. We have now a precision around 2 cms (5cms max) !!!

So we changed decided to connect the DWM1000 to the board using cables and a micro-match connector to fix the antenna vertically and to have the board horizontal.

I also provided to my team (and to the others) a configured, cleaned, basic version of ChibiOS for the boards (p407 and e407) we use to test our programs. The code is now on Github

Next week as I said I would like to finish the IMU and the leds part and also to help Alban on OpenCV and the boids.

That’s all. Good night 🙂