This is the end

This was the last show.

Farewell 🙂

Final presentations


Hello !

The final ROSE presentations will take place tomorrow, on Friday February 10th , at 12h00 (GMT +1). The presentations are open to every one. They’ll take place in Amphi Thévenin at Télécom ParisTech. If you can be there, don’t hésitate, we’ll need people for the jury.

As usual, there will be a tchat on the stream where you’ll have the possibility to post your reactions in real time, and ask questions which will be answered to during the questions part.

The defenses will be streamed on Youtube : here (yes, click!). We are a little late…

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

The SKATEway project is discontinued

The SKATEway project has been discontinued for administrative reasons. Its members will receive new assignments.


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