SwARM, building robots and hunting bugs

Hi everyone,

Since last post I made with Perceval a batch of 6 robots. We still have to test them all.

I also wrote a system to get coding wheel ticks with the ADC since we had no good result with the comparators. We tested it and it seems to be working.

I wrote smaller sin, cos, acos function that allow us the save 7KB in flash (otherwise the project didn’t link). Of course we have a slightly worsened precision but it should still do the job.

We tried to help Alban and Paul debugging without success …


SwARM, week 17, 2/2


Sorrow shall mark these days. We simply could not integrate Paul’s and my work, far too many bugs spawned everywhere. Despair overcomes us.

I am currently re-writing my pathing algorithm to clean the ugly mess it had become, and in the hope that this new elegant code will suck less: I stick to KISS.



Makahiya, Week 19


During the last days, I continued testing the capacitive captors. It appears that when they are far from the transformer of my laptop four of them don’t saturate and it was quite easy to detect touches with a threshold that didn’t seem to depend on the location, but the four others saturate and we need a metallic contact to detect anything.

I also made some tweaks and debugging to the server and merged everything in the branch master.

Now we will have to equip a plant, decide the scenario of the presentation and find what to do with the touch detection (only use four or try something to have 8 working).


BreathUp, the end is coming!

Hi everyone,

I spent the most of my time to do clean up, some changes on the global integration and other minor changes. Indeed, I changed the color code to show more information thanks to the LEDs. In the same time, I modified how I used the different LEDs because I found my work on that could be better.

The next week is our last ROSE week and there will be the final presentation on Friday. Therefore, the task of the week is the preparation of this presentation.

Have a nice week

Benoît for BreathUp

BreathUp: Tests and cleanup


During the end of the week I spend most of my time testing the device and cleaning our code.

During this week I will mainly work on Friday’s presentation and maybe make some minor changes on the PCB or Server code.

Have a nice week,

Xavier Chapron

BreathUp Final Countdown !

Hi !

This is the last week, and today we had our last deadline project. It was quite a calm end of the week eventually.

Indeed we are integrating our whole code for two weeks. But the last half-week we made our last updates.

I worked on new filters according to what the processing signal teacher told me on Wednesday. I made new filters for computer processing and I made optimisations on the embedded code.

Then, I worked on cleaning our projet: avoid the “Franglais” and optimised what can be optimised. I also did the merge of our first version on master!

So next week, we will prepare Friday show !

Stay tuned 😉

Benjamin for BreathUp

SwARM: Fever Dream

Hey guys,

This weekend we spent all our time in A406 to go as far as possible with our project.

We worked on the PIDs, which are working fine now as you have seen in Perceval’s post on saturday. We defined the robots’ limits regarding how fast it can execute a rotation or move in a straight line. These values are written in our wiki, in the choreography section.

Today we are integrating our different features, the most visual and critical being the PIDs and the choreography. For now there seems to be a problem but we are on the verge on finding the solution (I hope so :).

Also we fabricated more robots to have all the ones we need for the presentation on Friday.

I wish us good luck for the rest of the night,

The deadline for pushing to master is closing!


SwARM last update of the week-end before evalutation

Hui everyone,

This week-end we worked hard to finish our project. We are near the end still there are things more to do.
I soldered three more boards and manufactured leds strip with Arnaud.

We are merging moving branch with the choreography algorithm.

that’s all. 🙂

Makahiya – integration, debug & tests

Hi everybody,

The last 4 days have been dedicated to integrate all the components of our project, bind them together and make the final corrections.

I’ve soldered several leds and with Tanguy, we made some tests with the leds container I had printed. The leds are really powerful, so powerful in fact that they heat too much and destroy themselves if we don’t put a heatsink. I’ve tried to add a small one, which improved a bit the dissipation, but a bigger is likely to be required if the leds stays turned on for more than a few seconds.

Yesterday, I’ve also added the mechanism that allows the user to program the reaction of the plant when he/she touches one of the leaves. It’s possible to control the leds, the servos and the alarm ring tone and to add loops combining all these elements.

Now, all the features that we wanted to have in our project seem to work, even though the touch detection doesn’t work as well as expected.

Next week, we will finalize the mechanical pieces, equip a plant with all our stuff and prepare Friday’s presentation.

SwARM progress like its bot

Hi everyone,

So today we made some progress, first, we draw the our algorithm for moving

This afternoon we finally got the robot to go strait forward !!! Such an improvement !!!

With Paul we started to determined the “limits” of the robot movements like : what is the minimum time needed to do a perect 90° turn ? What is the ideal acceleration at the beginning of a strait line to respect the distance ? Actually it works with the fact that we divide the movement in little ones and we let a bigger time for the firsts centimeters so it can reach its max speed more smoothly.

Tomorrow we will finish this part and try to merge it with the choreography algorithm of Alban.

That’s all, good night