BreathUp half-week 17!


This beginning was quite unproductive… We did a lot of acquisitions on Monday morning as we were with Laurent. We succeeded in finding good settings for the ADS1298 but with mixed results. There were a lot of reasons: first there weren’t any EMG information before Monday but now the EMG is hidden behind ECG and artefacts. I modified our filtering part to eliminate these artefacts.

As I wasn’t sure about what I did and about what I was tryiing to eliminate, I asked one of signal processing teachers of Telecom. The artefacts are due to electric problems, with Alexandre and Xavier, we knew it but we are note sure about the reason : we think this is due to a lake of electric supply.

We will keep investigating on it while trying to upgrade our acquisition and qualification.

Stay tuned !

Benjamin 😉

BreathUp: getting some acquisition…


During the first part of the week I worked mainly on acquisition, because they are not as good as we wanted them to be. Indeed, after finding an interesting configuration of the ADS on Monday, we find out that he need a really stable power supply. Therefore we need to change our filters to removes artifacts that would prevent us to use any qualification algorithms.

I have made some tests and found a way to clean the ECG signal. I will therefore make some real situation tests with them tomorrow morning and I hope to be able to merge a alpha version onto master at the end of the day.

Eventually, I will then work on clean up and on a beta version with proper handling of the LEDs, the IMU and maybe a qualification of the EMG.

Have a nice end of the week.

Xavier Chapron

BreathUp week 16 !

Akwaba !

This week, I worked on integrating the acquisition part, I made the acquisition routine with the sd card, the ads and the IMU. My work isn’t finished yet but I will do as soon as the acquisition will be reliable. Indeed this is,by far, the most important point. On Thursday, Alexandre made a new configuration of the ADS and it permited it us to acquire some signals that make us think about ECG and EMG. On Friday, we did a lot of acquisition and we processed its. As far as I’m concern, I made some script to help analyzing the different acquisition and we saw that there isn’t any breathing signals in what we acquired even if there are a lot of heart information !


So by the end of the next week, I will keep working on acquisition with Alexandre, I will end with acquisition routine and I will clean our code !


Stay tuned for the last week !

Benjamin 😉




PS: on the left, you can see the ECG and on the right the breathing EMG (for the moment nothing…)

BreathUp: Integration of communication and acquisitions


During the end of the week I ended my work on the integration of the LoRa and the Bluetooth, and also worked on the way the configuration is download by the device, how it’s stored, what happens on a reboot of the device… All seems as functional as we want it to be.

Then we made some acquisition with the PCB and try to study them to find out why we don’t have breathing signals on them but on only a beautiful ECG.

Eventually, I made some more Python tool to process easily our acquisitions and to examine them.

During this week I will work on acquisitions, global integration and code cleaning.

Xavier Chapron