BreathUp, Android Application Work In Progress

Hi everyone,

As I found some bugs in the application, I decided to make time in order to clean my code and check it to delete all bugs I could find.

Like my own smart-phone has a problem with the touch screen, Alexis lent me a new smart-phone: a Motorola G4. However, when I use this device, I can’t detect new devices which do not pair with the Motorola G4. So, I spent time to understand why but it was a fail. Whereas, with a Samsung S3, my application works. I am going to investigate.

Therefore, now I need to test my code with different devices to understood what does not work. I had to create a connexion and send/receive datas to test I can manage a connexion. After that, I will make a TCP request to transfer  bluetooth datas to the server.

Have a good week,


BreathUp, week 9

Hi everyone,

During this end of week, I was not very efficient. Indeed, the application did not progress a lot. I identified some bugs in my code and I corrected some of them. There is still a bug, I identified it but I have not understood why that generate an error. I still investigate. However, I worked on the bluetooth connexion but like I found the bugs, I stopped that to correct the bugs. So I could not tests that part. I had some problem with the UUID, because my understanding of that was wrong. That is why I made some researches to understand what it is and which one I will use.

Friday, with my teammates, we met E-Respi to present our progress and speak about algorithms they had to give us.

For the next week, my main task will be the application again. I hope to be more efficient.

Have a good week,

Benoît for BreathUp

BreathUp,week 9

Good Night,

This week, I began to work on a document to explain clearly the features of the application because, at the beginning I would put lots of features on the application. And some features was not necessary for a first version. If I have some times at the end of the project I would like to work again on the application to add those features. To write this document, I told with Xavier about the server to understand how it  works and which http requests the application must send.

After that, I began the development of the application. Today, it can :

  • Start a service;
  • Close the service;
  • Activate the bluetooth and detect if there is a bluetooth connexion;
  • Track the bluetooth connexion of the others devices and put the device name on a TextView;

The application does not finish, so my main task for the end of the week will be to finish it and make some tests with Alexandre who will work on the project’s bluetooth module.


Benoît for BreathUp

BreathUp, End of Athens Week

¡ Hola !

As I said in my last post I was in Madrid for the Athens Week. It was great but all good things have an end. So, now, I could work again on the project.

Since I came back to Spain, I have spent some times to read how make an notification to warn the patient to say him to kept calm and don’t move to make good measurements or an other thing.

I also spent lots of time, to see my smartphone like a testing device in Studio Android. Indeed, like I have a Wiko’s smartphone, I needed some times to find the good vendor id to use ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and understand where I could find it because Wiko uses vendor ids which belong to other constructors.

Next week, I will be focus on the application’s development.

Benoît for BreathUp


BreathUp, week 7

Hi everyone,

I know it is a little bit early to post but this weekend I could not work on the project. Indeed, the next week, it is an Athens week and I am going to take my plane to Madrid this afternoon.

I have modified the schematics for the last post. I had forgotten to modify the analog inputs. Yesterday, I also worked on the Android application. After reading how works a bluetooth connexion, I made some reaches about services to understand how create a background task. I kept up my reflexion about the design of the application but it is still muddled.

As the next week it is an Athens Week, I think I will take a breather about the project and visit Madrid.

Have a nice weekend