BreathUp, week 7

Hi everyone,

I know it is a little bit early to post but this weekend I could not work on the project. Indeed, the next week, it is an Athens week and I am going to take my plane to Madrid this afternoon.

I have modified the schematics for the last post. I had forgotten to modify the analog inputs. Yesterday, I also worked on the Android application. After reading how works a bluetooth connexion, I made some reaches about services to understand how create a background task. I kept up my reflexion about the design of the application but it is still muddled.

As the next week it is an Athens Week, I think I will take a breather about the project and visit Madrid.

Have a nice weekend


BreathUp Week 6!

Қайырлы таң!

The more weeks are passing, the more I’m asking myself if I will find a new way to say hello in Asia before the end of the project !

Concerning the project, this week was quite short, as Sylvain said, we had the challenge day (quite fun though !) on Friday so that it shortened the week !  And as excepted, I didn’t do what I wanted to do but I made some progress on other points that are far more important !

Just the once will not hurt, I will speak about algorithms ! I bet you didn’t expect that ! 😉 Thus, Saturday morning we met Laurent. During three hours, we made some acquisitions with the same context as Laurent did it with his last prototype and we analyze its. It helped me a lot to modify a little the filtering part and also the  electrodes position. But the most important thing is that Laurent approved my algorithms. As a consequence, I can now begin to implement it in C. So I hope, I will did it before the end of the next week.

Concerning what I was supposed to do, I can’t actually work on the PCB linking because the scheme isn’t completed yet. Afterwards, I didn’t have time to work on Bluetooth but it’s not really grave because we have time to do it!


To sum up, for the newt week, I have to do the linking and to implement algorithm in C !

Stay tuned for more informations


Benjamin for BreathUp 😉

BreathUp half-week 6!

سلام وعليکم !

This beginning of the week wasn’t really efficient. Indeed with the long weekend, I only did a rewriting of our Project Specific Success Criteria (PSSC). Indeed, because of some difficulties to acquire EMG’s results with the ADS1298, we are a little bit stuck and we can’t move forward both on acquiring chain and on algorithm part until we will see Laurent. So I had to change our deadlines and I updated the wiki.

At the same time, as I can’t continue my job on algorithm, I will begin to work on bluetooth for our device. I’m also waiting for the PCB scheme in order to do the linking. Thus, this is the two things I need to work on for the end of the week.


Have a nice evening !

Benjamin for BreathUp 😉

Makahiya – end of components choice

Hi everybody,

We have to post what we’ve done for our project the last 3 days. However, the last 3 days have been mainly dedicated to do the lab (draw the electronic shematic of a board). Consequently, I didn’t have much time to work on our connected plant. This post will then be shorter than the previous one.

I’ve chosen the Bluetooth module that we’ll integrate in our product. It’s the RN-42-N. It seems quite simple to use: we send commands to it (when in configuration mode) in order to set the parameters as we want and then, it automatically redirects UART to Bluetooth and vice-versa (when in data mode).

As Tanguy said, he has found an appropriate micro-processor, which was the last component that we had to choose. So, I think that we can say that our first PSSC is fulfilled on time (deadline is tomorrow).

To be honest, there are in fact still 2 not definitely chosen components: we have to check which diameter of optical fiber is required (I hope 1.5mm will be enough) and to decide which LED is the most appropriate (we asked to Alexis to order 2 differents models so we can check which one is the most suitable). But only tests can give us an answer, and that’s what we’ll do.

In this half week, I wanted to test the FDC2214 with a coaxial wire and a homemade sensor but I didn’t find time. This will thus have to wait a little bit.

Until Sunday, I hope that we’ll have started the PCB design of our board and tested the optical fiber and the LEDs.