BreathUp, Presentation’s Preparation


This week is the last week and I spent all my time to prepare the final presentation. I added some alerts to the presentation. I also fixed our casing. Some parts was broken. Therefore, I helped Benjamin to make the slides.

During the next part of the week, I’m going to continue to prepare the presentation.

I hope to see you Friday.

Benoît, for BreathUp

BreathUp: presentation and final changes


As expected, I made some improvements of the server code and on the qualification of the breathing signals. I also made a lot of tests, and the project definitely works as expected.

Eventually, I worked and will continue to work with my teammates on Friday presentation.

Xavier Chapron

BreathUp, the end is coming!

Hi everyone,

I spent the most of my time to do clean up, some changes on the global integration and other minor changes. Indeed, I changed the color code to show more information thanks to the LEDs. In the same time, I modified how I used the different LEDs because I found my work on that could be better.

The next week is our last ROSE week and there will be the final presentation on Friday. Therefore, the task of the week is the preparation of this presentation.

Have a nice week

Benoît for BreathUp

BreathUp: Tests and cleanup


During the end of the week I spend most of my time testing the device and cleaning our code.

During this week I will mainly work on Friday’s presentation and maybe make some minor changes on the PCB or Server code.

Have a nice week,

Xavier Chapron

BreathUp Final Countdown !

Hi !

This is the last week, and today we had our last deadline project. It was quite a calm end of the week eventually.

Indeed we are integrating our whole code for two weeks. But the last half-week we made our last updates.

I worked on new filters according to what the processing signal teacher told me on Wednesday. I made new filters for computer processing and I made optimisations on the embedded code.

Then, I worked on cleaning our projet: avoid the “Franglais” and optimised what can be optimised. I also did the merge of our first version on master!

So next week, we will prepare Friday show !

Stay tuned 😉

Benjamin for BreathUp

BreathUp, Week 17 : Intend

Good Evening,

This week has started to a meeting with Laurent in order to make acquisitions and understand why we did not have EMG with our own PCB. After some tests and different configurations, we had acquisitions with EMG. But, the signal was not able to brand it.

After that, I left my team-mates explore several ways to make different tasks. Indeed, I made another test to know how batteries unloads. I changed the getter of the battery’s level. I also fixed errors on the Android application. I made tests about our first integrated version in order to find bugs on the application and on our device too. I made few modifications on the casing.

I discovered a new tool: Indent. It is very interesting and easy to use. Intend allow us to decide a standard thanks to commands which are put on the When Indent is used, it corrects and puts the configuration which are decided with the commands. Because of that, we can have the same C style in every files easily.

So, my next task will be to clean up and help my team-mates on their tasks.

Have a nice week!

Benoît for BreathUp

BreathUp: getting some acquisition…


During the first part of the week I worked mainly on acquisition, because they are not as good as we wanted them to be. Indeed, after finding an interesting configuration of the ADS on Monday, we find out that he need a really stable power supply. Therefore we need to change our filters to removes artifacts that would prevent us to use any qualification algorithms.

I have made some tests and found a way to clean the ECG signal. I will therefore make some real situation tests with them tomorrow morning and I hope to be able to merge a alpha version onto master at the end of the day.

Eventually, I will then work on clean up and on a beta version with proper handling of the LEDs, the IMU and maybe a qualification of the EMG.

Have a nice end of the week.

Xavier Chapron

BreathUp: Integration of communication and acquisitions


During the end of the week I ended my work on the integration of the LoRa and the Bluetooth, and also worked on the way the configuration is download by the device, how it’s stored, what happens on a reboot of the device… All seems as functional as we want it to be.

Then we made some acquisition with the PCB and try to study them to find out why we don’t have breathing signals on them but on only a beautiful ECG.

Eventually, I made some more Python tool to process easily our acquisitions and to examine them.

During this week I will work on acquisitions, global integration and code cleaning.

Xavier Chapron

BreathUp, CAD & Color Coding

Hi everyone!

This week, I begun with the color coding. Indeed, the different LEDs on the PCB indicate the state of the device and the alerts. The functions which handle the LEDs are OK but not integrated. However, I could not test the color code for the battery level because the battery level is not finished.

After, I have worked on the CAD software Fusion 360 to create a casing for our PCB. I never used a software like it. So, to understand how it works and how create a part it was an easy. Moreover, I could not use it on my own laptop I had to install the software on a virtual Windows machine in A406. However, to learn how use the Fusion 360, I could ask Sylvain and Arnaud some questions. But it is a new thing to me and I spent lot of times to make simple tasks. I have made a first version but there was a problem when I print it. I made some corrections and printed again a cover and it is better. I will print the base and make others corrections.

Eventually, I will also work on the final integration.

Benoît for BreathUp.

BreathUp: LoRa and global integration


During this week we eventually get the Objenious keys to register our devices on their LoRa network. Therefore I worked again on LoRa, and there are great improvements. Indeed, Over The Air Activation, ACK and downlink messages are now working. Sadly, there are still some difficulties with Objenious network and even with a LoPy device, the connection isn’t reliable and it is therefore highly probable that we will stay on the TTN network that is more reliable.

With the possibility to send downlink messages to a device, comes major improvement for our project because we will now be able to make it work fully without an Android device. Therefore we now need to integrate everything including the device initialization, the device reinitialization for a new patient, the configurations changes during the monitoring of the patient and of course the report upload with both Bluetooth and LoRa but with preference for Bluetooth witch is cheaper and faster.

Eventually, I will still work on integration during the end of the week.

Xavier Chapron