SwARMy new year !!!

Hey everyone,

First of all Happy new year and best wishes.

I’m back from Holidays which were great. I saw my family and all. It was a lot of fun but now let’s go back to work.

I managed to almost finish the board.h for SwARM. It should be ready tomorrow I think. And I’ve found some driver for the IMU but it is for mbed so I have to port it on ChibiOS or juste to re-use the function that I’m interested in.

That’s all for tonight. 🙂

Liloo Dalas multi-color multi-language

Hi everyone,

so today I finally finished to port my led driver to ChibiOS, you can find it on Github on the branch led

I also start to translate our wiki in english because we started it in french. All the pulibc destinated pages are already translated.
Tomorrow I will translate the PSSC and Git Help pages.

That’s all 🙂

SwARMaximum Precision

Hey everybody,

This week I worked on the imu. I also start porting my led program on ChibiOS. You can see below my E407 with beautiful add-ons : the IMU and a 8 leds strip.
I am little bit late on the IMU because I would have liked to finish this part this week-end but it seems I will finish it next week.


Thursday we measured (with Arnaud) the precision of the decawave. We panicked a little bit because we had around 20 cm precision. Until I suggest we used them vertically. We have now a precision around 2 cms (5cms max) !!!

So we changed decided to connect the DWM1000 to the board using cables and a micro-match connector to fix the antenna vertically and to have the board horizontal.

I also provided to my team (and to the others) a configured, cleaned, basic version of ChibiOS for the boards (p407 and e407) we use to test our programs. The code is now on Github

Next week as I said I would like to finish the IMU and the leds part and also to help Alban on OpenCV and the boids.

That’s all. Good night 🙂

SwARM : rediscovering git

Hi everyone,

I worked mostly on the integration of ChibiOS in the repo today.
In fact I learned how to add a submodule in a repository which is very helpful. SO I added ChibiOS as a submodule in imu branch with a very light configuration for the TP boards.

We decided also to re-introduce the camera in the project because we are not so sure about the decawave precision. So Alban and I will work on that part.

I would like to finish the IMU part by the end of the week.
I would also like to create a simple “how to” for submodule for my co-workers. 🙂

That’s all. Good night