BreathUp: Clocks, USB, UID and battery level


I started the week by finding out why our quartz wasn’t oscillating. Indeed, we had configured it as an oscillator and not as a quartz in the MCU registers…

Then I worked on the USB and was quite blocked by an hard fault until Samuel found out that this was due to a too old version of my toolchain. I still can’t believe that it was possible to compile without any warning  even though the generated binary was wrong…

With the USB working, I was able to implement a shell and a function to get a unique id from the STM. It will help us to have different device id while flashing the same code! And I also implement a basic function to get the battery level with one of the STM ADC. It still needs to be test and calibrated.

Eventually, I worked on the start of the drivers for the ADS and the IMU and this should be one of my main job for the end of the week.

Xavier Chapron