SwARM, Let’s dance !

Hey everyone,

So this week end we figured out that our code may not fit on the flash of the robots >< hard time is it huh ?
So we decided first to compile with -Os argument and to review our code to spare some space.

We designed a choreography with Paul, you can check it out on our drive
Also I’ve updated a little the music mix which is still there

Also I started my revision for the finals of the semester which are during the week of the ROSe presentation, yay !
We have not so many classes this week so we will work 24/7 on SwARM 🙂

that's all, good night 🙂

Finally got things work

Hi everyone,

So SwARM in a nutshell :

We are getting our PCB this week, we finished the board.h, we need to port some driver on ChibiOS, I’ve got a functioning driver for the IMU and a calibration algorithm. I started to design a real choreography with Paul : we wanted to make some mouvement with musics. And maybe a pong animation.

That’s all

SwARM : let’s make some art !

Hi everyone,

I’m Perceval and I’m glad to present you SwARM : Hackster
It’s a project mostly about emergent choreography based on simple rules applied to several little rolling robots (about 10 or 20). The aim of the project is both artistic and esthetic.
For this project I am happy to work with Paul and Arnaud.

This week we have planned our schedule for all the semester with the PSSC.
We also have determined the main specifications and limits of SwARM :

It consists in several robots rolling and lighting in 256 different colors all synchronized. They will move according to a specific shape (like a circle or an eight for example) or following basics rules (such as : “if you have another robot in front of you, then turn right”) making a kind of dance and emergent patterns.

The robots will be balls of 15cm diameter, rolling thanks to two large wheel around it. They will communicate with the server by radio (maybe with a custom protocol on a free wavelength) which will locate each one with a camera placed above the dance floor.

Talk to you next week, let’s dance !


Attached : You can discover below our first presentation (in french) for Alexis and Sam.

1# presentation 30-09-16