Some proprietary code in SwARM ?

Hi everyone,

I almost finished the board.h it will be ready for tomorrow so we can start to port our project to the swarm board.

I also determine that the driver I used for the MPU wasn’t good at all and provided some false results. There are some more drivers out there but very few proposed the Digital Motion Processor (which is doing the fusion internally) support.
I emailed invensense to have access to their developer download corner : they seem to propose some proprietary driver for the MPU9250. So I am waiting for an answer.

that’s all

It Works but it Broke

Hi everyone,

so I finally founded and managed to port some MPU driver to ChibiOS. It’s very cool because it include fusion algorithms (Mahony Quaternion Update ), calibration and self test and…
It’s a Beerware (I love those) !! ^^
So I have values but they are floats and I need int to print them correctly with ChibiOS on serial (that’s just a detail). So I tested my program and it worked but I moved the IMU so many times to test the driver that I broke some wires >< I will repair them tomorrow morning before class.

I also started to write the board.h for our board. It will be finished this week. All pins have been defined and named. I just have to specify the modes of each pin.

Now let’s talk about the choreographies :
When the project started we would like to work on emerging behaviour but it seems complicated to work on that if we d’ont have any fonctionning bot.
So it seems more reasonnable to describe some preset choreagraphies that our bots would do.
We would like to do some circles and one sort of horizontal multi-colour 8. Then we could do one little party of pong.
So we need that our bots can do curve and strait lines because they will recieve orders every 10th of seconds at least. 🙂

that’s all for tonight.