SwARMaximum Precision

Hey everybody,

This week I worked on the imu. I also start porting my led program on ChibiOS. You can see below my E407 with beautiful add-ons : the IMU and a 8 leds strip.
I am little bit late on the IMU because I would have liked to finish this part this week-end but it seems I will finish it next week.


Thursday we measured (with Arnaud) the precision of the decawave. We panicked a little bit because we had around 20 cm precision. Until I suggest we used them vertically. We have now a precision around 2 cms (5cms max) !!!

So we changed decided to connect the DWM1000 to the board using cables and a micro-match connector to fix the antenna vertically and to have the board horizontal.

I also provided to my team (and to the others) a configured, cleaned, basic version of ChibiOS for the boards (p407 and e407) we use to test our programs. The code is now on Github

Next week as I said I would like to finish the IMU and the leds part and also to help Alban on OpenCV and the boids.

That’s all. Good night 🙂

SwARM : rediscovering git

Hi everyone,

I worked mostly on the integration of ChibiOS in the repo today.
In fact I learned how to add a submodule in a repository which is very helpful. SO I added ChibiOS as a submodule in imu branch with a very light configuration for the TP boards.

We decided also to re-introduce the camera in the project because we are not so sure about the decawave precision. So Alban and I will work on that part.

I would like to finish the IMU part by the end of the week.
I would also like to create a simple “how to” for submodule for my co-workers. 🙂

That’s all. Good night

SwARMing in the ocean

Hi everyone,

this week end wasn’t very productive because I had a family meeting but I will work on the DWM1000 next week so we can start working on robots localisation.
I will try to make a communication betweens two modules thanks to raspberry pi.

Friday we figured out that the PSSC wasn’t very accurate and that we would have some impossibilities because of the delivery date of the PCBs.

We should have a new one for the beginning of the week. 🙂

That’s all folks.