BreathUp week 10!

Кеш жарық!

As expected, I didn’t have time to work a lot on the project due to FH week. As I said it in my previous post, I asked Xavier earlier this week to end with the routing and with Alexis’s help they made the last modifications, so it will soon be over with the PCB and it seems we will receive it by the end of the year !

So the next week will be a new one and I’m going to work again (a lot) on the project, especially on the algorithms !

Stay tuned

Benjamin !

BreathUp half-week 10!

Hi everyone !

This week due to “Formation humaine” classes and the private lessons I give to found my studies, I didn’t have time to work a lot on our project 🙁

But during the beginning of the week, I began the routing (almost nothing to be honnest). I hope I will have more time to work on it…

Stay tuned !