pimp my git

hi everyone,

today we, all together, SwARM, like a family (with some issue maybe…) have entirely reviewed our git history of our features to clean our git deposits.
It was very painful but we learned a lot about git (like git rebase) I feel like an historian right now !!
We also started to merge our finish features in dev branch and use a pull request system to do so.

I’m quite exhausted but happy of this work. I also reviewed Paul’s push request which he restarted a few times before being accepted ^^

Also I’m progressing on the IMU part but I feel that I’m stuck with a little problem on I2C transmission : signal don’t appear on the signal analyser but the code seems correct. Even Alexis didn’t find why it didn’t work. Still digging…

And the surprises of today : secret Santa !
Paul organized of secret Santa party for rose attendant which was a very cool idea ! Benoît offer me a wonderful glass and I’m very pleased of

Paul organised also a dinner in a restaurant “café d’Italie” which was good. Thank you very much for your wonderful ideas

That’s all for tonight 🙂

SwARM: Foundations of Stone

Dear all,

This first part of the week was rather exhausting, I have spent the last three days in A406 working on the project because there was a lot of thinking and doing to be done quickly. As a result of this all of us have documented what we have to do and how we will do it. You can visit our Wiki to get the latest updates on the project.

The PCB is in Alexis’ most capable hands until the end now, the order should be placed on Monday if everything goes swiftly.

I did some thinking on the moves of the robots and if you want to know more about it please check out our Wiki page 🙂

Today we spent the whole day cleaning our git repository, learning and practicing git rebase and stuff like that ^^ Our past on git looks a whole lot better now !

Tomorrow I will work with Arnaud to create a robot basis in order to be able to test the movement code on something during the holidays.

Have a nice end of the week


PS: Today was Secret Santa’s day!

SwARM : rediscovering git

Hi everyone,

I worked mostly on the integration of ChibiOS in the repo today.
In fact I learned how to add a submodule in a repository which is very helpful. SO I added ChibiOS as a submodule in imu branch with a very light configuration for the TP boards.

We decided also to re-introduce the camera in the project because we are not so sure about the decawave precision. So Alban and I will work on that part.

I would like to finish the IMU part by the end of the week.
I would also like to create a simple “how to” for submodule for my co-workers. 🙂

That’s all. Good night