pimp my git

hi everyone,

today we, all together, SwARM, like a family (with some issue maybe…) have entirely reviewed our git history of our features to clean our git deposits.
It was very painful but we learned a lot about git (like git rebase) I feel like an historian right now !!
We also started to merge our finish features in dev branch and use a pull request system to do so.

I’m quite exhausted but happy of this work. I also reviewed Paul’s push request which he restarted a few times before being accepted ^^

Also I’m progressing on the IMU part but I feel that I’m stuck with a little problem on I2C transmission : signal don’t appear on the signal analyser but the code seems correct. Even Alexis didn’t find why it didn’t work. Still digging…

And the surprises of today : secret Santa !
Paul organized of secret Santa party for rose attendant which was a very cool idea ! Benoît offer me a wonderful glass and I’m very pleased of

Paul organised also a dinner in a restaurant “café d’Italie” which was good. Thank you very much for your wonderful ideas

That’s all for tonight 🙂

SwARMaximum Precision

Hey everybody,

This week I worked on the imu. I also start porting my led program on ChibiOS. You can see below my E407 with beautiful add-ons : the IMU and a 8 leds strip.
I am little bit late on the IMU because I would have liked to finish this part this week-end but it seems I will finish it next week.


Thursday we measured (with Arnaud) the precision of the decawave. We panicked a little bit because we had around 20 cm precision. Until I suggest we used them vertically. We have now a precision around 2 cms (5cms max) !!!

So we changed decided to connect the DWM1000 to the board using cables and a micro-match connector to fix the antenna vertically and to have the board horizontal.

I also provided to my team (and to the others) a configured, cleaned, basic version of ChibiOS for the boards (p407 and e407) we use to test our programs. The code is now on Github

Next week as I said I would like to finish the IMU and the leds part and also to help Alban on OpenCV and the boids.

That’s all. Good night 🙂

“Let there be light !”

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Genesis 1, verse

LED and balloon

Friday I managed to light up some LEDs from a LED strip controlled by SPI : APA102 bande LED RBG 5V
The code is avaible on Github on the branch “pretest”
I ran the code on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.
I tested it with some coloured air balloon (red, blue and yellow) to see what the result will be but there were a lot of ambient light back in a406. Arnaud managed to find white balloons and try them at Télécom Robotics’ local. This very good because it’s beautiful and the light is diffused very well. Alexis gave me some diffuser paper that I paste on the LEDs strip and it helped.

I was also very panicked Friday afternoon because GitHub was down (actually it was their DNS host) but everything is back to normal 🙂

I enrolled the team in Trello which is a very cool tool for project management. We use it as scrum table.

According the the PSSC, we have to finish the PCB next week. Unfortunately we don’t know yet which battery to choose because Alexis is very picky (especially towards no brands or not protected ones). Next week I will code a LED library to test them more efficiently. I want to start a choreography list for the robots.

that’s all folks 🙂