SwARM : this is almost the end

Hi everyone,

We made so much progress since last time. The robot can do a simple movement with much accuracy.

I spent the day to merge the IMU code into dev but we are facing some issue.
I started to script the final presentation with Paul and do some slides.

We are near our goal, still their is much work to do.

that’s all, have a good night (better than ours ^^)

SwARM : having the first prototype !!!

Sooooooo, we finally have a prototype !! not fully functional but it works (spi leds at least !) .

so tomorrow we should finish all the boards.
We might change our coding wheels with some hack with transparent paper (picture later).

I’m porting the fusion between imu, decawave and coding wheels informations.

That’s all, have a good night 🙂

SwARM toward the end

Hi everyone,

So today was a good day we defined the big steps for the choreographies : we will make some basics movements synchronize with music. I made a medley after much and much discussion about which music to choose. You can find it here.

Also I finish IMU implementation (finally ><) and merged it in dev. I will add threads and interruption support tomorrow. 🙂

Also we will perform our final presentation in Thevenin amphitheater because it offer sufficient place to do some choreography with around 6 – 10 robots and everyone in here will see it from slightly above which is great.

By the way it seems that we will only make 6 robots because we only have 6 batteries and their is no more in Farnell's stocks…

But overall it is very cheerfull to see our project taking some formss like Paul can pilote wheels, Arnaud can locate a decawave, Alban can locate a led… 🙂

that's all, good night.

BreathUp: IMU, low-power and making a box


During the start of the week I implemented an IMU driver that give us the gravity vector and a way to evaluate if the patient is moving or not.

I also created a first version of the box that will host the PCB and the battery. That was my first 3D printing and it is not gorgeous, but I’m still happy with it.

Finally, I started looking at the RTC driver and the low-power modes of our STM, but there is still a lot of thing to do on this subject.

Eventually, during the end of the week, I will work on the global integration of all the drivers we have produced and I will continue my work on the low-power modes.

Xavier Chapron

Finally got things work

Hi everyone,

So SwARM in a nutshell :

We are getting our PCB this week, we finished the board.h, we need to port some driver on ChibiOS, I’ve got a functioning driver for the IMU and a calibration algorithm. I started to design a real choreography with Paul : we wanted to make some mouvement with musics. And maybe a pong animation.

That’s all

BreathUp: I2C, IMU, LoRa, Qualification, Cipher


During the end of the week I worked mainly on the IMU. It uses I2C, and I had never worked on it. Therefore I first needed to make myself familiar to this protocol. And this is done.

Then I had to send correct requests from the MCU, and this is also done and checked with a logic analyzer.

But the final part, is to receive correct responses from the IMU. And this is still not the case and I still don’t know why and will therefore investigate on it during the beginning of the week.

I also implemented on our PCB the LoRa driver (not tested since we don’t have a LoRa chip for the moment), the qualification and the cipher part that had been prepared.

Eventually during the next week I will work on the IMU and on the LoRa.

Have a nice week,

Xavier Chapron

Some proprietary code in SwARM ?

Hi everyone,

I almost finished the board.h it will be ready for tomorrow so we can start to port our project to the swarm board.

I also determine that the driver I used for the MPU wasn’t good at all and provided some false results. There are some more drivers out there but very few proposed the Digital Motion Processor (which is doing the fusion internally) support.
I emailed invensense to have access to their developer download corner : they seem to propose some proprietary driver for the MPU9250. So I am waiting for an answer.

that’s all

BreathUp, Bluetooth interfacing and Post Request

Good Evening!

During this end of the week, I spent my time to interface the Bluetooth Application with the code which made by Alexandre in order to connect the smartphone to the Bluetooth unit and do long exchanges. After some problems and tests, the two devices are interfacing.

Since yesterday, Xavier has changed the encryption’s algorithm and the server request. I have began to switch the two Get requests to Put requests, but I will finish that next week.

Before the interfacing of the Bluetooth, I spent few times on the IMU driver to understand how the I2C communication works .

Have a nice week,


It Works but it Broke

Hi everyone,

so I finally founded and managed to port some MPU driver to ChibiOS. It’s very cool because it include fusion algorithms (Mahony Quaternion Update ), calibration and self test and…
It’s a Beerware (I love those) !! ^^
So I have values but they are floats and I need int to print them correctly with ChibiOS on serial (that’s just a detail). So I tested my program and it worked but I moved the IMU so many times to test the driver that I broke some wires >< I will repair them tomorrow morning before class.

I also started to write the board.h for our board. It will be finished this week. All pins have been defined and named. I just have to specify the modes of each pin.

Now let’s talk about the choreographies :
When the project started we would like to work on emerging behaviour but it seems complicated to work on that if we d’ont have any fonctionning bot.
So it seems more reasonnable to describe some preset choreagraphies that our bots would do.
We would like to do some circles and one sort of horizontal multi-colour 8. Then we could do one little party of pong.
So we need that our bots can do curve and strait lines because they will recieve orders every 10th of seconds at least. 🙂

that’s all for tonight.

SwARMy new year !!!

Hey everyone,

First of all Happy new year and best wishes.

I’m back from Holidays which were great. I saw my family and all. It was a lot of fun but now let’s go back to work.

I managed to almost finish the board.h for SwARM. It should be ready tomorrow I think. And I’ve found some driver for the IMU but it is for mbed so I have to port it on ChibiOS or juste to re-use the function that I’m interested in.

That’s all for tonight. 🙂