BreathUp, Week 17 : Intend

Good Evening,

This week has started to a meeting with Laurent in order to make acquisitions and understand why we did not have EMG with our own PCB. After some tests and different configurations, we had acquisitions with EMG. But, the signal was not able to brand it.

After that, I left my team-mates explore several ways to make different tasks. Indeed, I made another test to know how batteries unloads. I changed the getter of the battery’s level. I also fixed errors on the Android application. I made tests about our first integrated version in order to find bugs on the application and on our device too. I made few modifications on the casing.

I discovered a new tool: Indent. It is very interesting and easy to use. Intend allow us to decide a standard thanks to commands which are put on the When Indent is used, it corrects and puts the configuration which are decided with the commands. Because of that, we can have the same C style in every files easily.

So, my next task will be to clean up and help my team-mates on their tasks.

Have a nice week!

Benoît for BreathUp