BreathUp: LoRa and Webapp


Once again, first to post as I won’t work this afternoon and evening.

I  gave myself the objective of creating a first version of a secure web API and to make some test on LoRa for this week. And I’m on my way to do that because I have already got a good part of the web API:

  • Thanks to Samuel help, I managed to send some messages from a LoRa chip connected to an arduino module. Those messages are sent to The Things Network for the moment.
  • I created a Python script that retrieves the LoRa messages from The Things Network MQTT mailbox. This script then converts those messages in web request to abstract the LoRa part from the server.
  • The server currently answers on different routes: you can add a device, get the device status, send some device updates if you have the encryption key…

Eventually, the web app still needs authentication for web users (we will use OAuth2 with Google as a provider) and a database, but I’m confident in realizing this before Sunday.

Have a nice end of the week.

Xavier Chapron