Mass Production for SwARM

Hi everyone,

today I have soldered two new board for swarm and I patched the usb on one for further decawave test. I also patched the battery connector, because we used another type of battery for beacon than the ones we use for robots and the wires order wasn’t the same.

I also helped Arnaud on merging code. It seems that we finally have a perfectly working pwm which is great because we didn’t know that we had to produce 2 pwm on the two sides of the motor. (the second is the reverse from the first).

Tomorrow I have my final exam of STREC so I worked on that this evening. Wish me luck.

That’s all for tonight.

SwARM much to say

So this week we debugged motors with Paul then with Arnaud with oscilloscope.

We founded that the H bridges have a strange behaviour. More in the next episode.
Here the signal on the motor.

I also crafted all the motors with coding wheels during the week end.

I also have found why the usb don’t work. The two pist pm dm have been inverted.

So Arnaud patched his board

That’s all have a good night.
sorry for the delay.