learning from my mistakes


I’m posting in advance. Wednesday I will be so submerged by my exams so I will not have enough time to post anything. That’s why I’m posting right now (between two maths exercises) to tell you I’m working hard to pass therefore I have no time to spend on SwARM and I’m so sad about it :'(

have a good night, talk to you Sunday 🙂

Finals : all my life in pause

Hey everyone,

I forgot (again) to post yesterday due to the amount of work during this week. In fact it’s the exams week and I have some credits missing from last year.
Sooooo, I haven’t any time to work on SwARM until next week. I will also surely post nothing next Sunday.

That’s all, I go back to work, have a nice week.

SwARM, nothing to say


Last week-end Worked on the SE302 TP, and so I’ve got no time for SwARM, especially because the challenge is for Friday so I have to finish everything by the end of the week.
I was so on my TP that I forgot to post on my logbook. I’m sorry for being late.

good night.