[Little Brosers] New levels of exhaustion

Hello, I guess this might be one of the last post from me, if not the last. I am very tired and I have a lot of things to do before next week so I will keep it short. Here is what I’ve done this week:


Android GUI


A dedicated a few days to build a basic GUI for our Android messaging app. Nothing really fancy was done, but I do think what I have done will be decent enough for what we want. I used the base template which I adapted using Fragments. The UI is functional so unless I have some extra time before the end the only work done on it will be connecting it semantically to the rest of the application. It took more time than I anticipated because I had actually never done any Android before unless really really basic stuff, so I had to learn on the fly.


Merkle tree debugging and modifications


I worked on a modification of the core lib code of Antony, for it not to rely on pointers so much. This way, the merkle tree and the slot pool can be serialized either in a file (on Android native) or in the external flash (on the drop). It took a lot of time, but the tree and the slot pool can successfully be saved and restored in a file. We still need to do it for the external flash.


Signature Keystore


I had terrible flashbacks when the signature started to fail with Android KeyStore generated key pairs. I thought about the week and a half I lost in december on the RSA key generation. Fortunately, after removing a priority given to the SpongyCastle provider, everything worked.


Merkle tree diff implementation


I helped Antony write the C implementation of the merkle tree conparison. We are still looking for some pesky bugs, this will be priority number one for now since we absolutely need a working diff in C for the project to succeed. I really hope it will be done before tomorrow night because we still have to manage the proper implementations on both platform and connect the sotrage to the rest of the app.


I’m off to sleep now, dreaming about trees.


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