[SpiROSE] Last few days, close to the end, but we have finished the FPGA’s modules !

Hey, last week  I was quite pessimistic because of the time we had left for the testing, verifications and calibration of our hardware. It seems that this is almost fixed ! We are a little more than two days before the end and the three cards have been done — almost at 100%. There is still an unknown issue with one of the voltage regulator, which allegedly made it burn, but it might run well tomorrow.

We managed to implement the whole new FPGA architecture that Adrien described in today’s post and add a bunch of new SystemC tests. We made a global pinout assignment with quartus TCL definition file for the EP3C40 FPGA and a lot of different testbench for both EP3C40 and DE1_SoC targets so as to exhaustively test every part of the project on the hardware. Tomorrow morning I will finish one of these part which will test if our solutions for synchronizing the RGB input stream with the display will work correctly. The goal is to make a full RGB cylinder in 3D as input for the RGB logic, simulate the rotation and extract only one slice position. If the panel was to change color, we would know it doesn’t work.

Finally, it will probably be a happy ending, or else we can still show that we know how to blink LED.

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