SpiROSE, a new POV ROSE project

Here we are, at the beginning of our ROSE journey. A tremendous project is waiting for us to engineer it. As usual, we have been looking for a good pun with ROSE for the project name. Eventually we decided to call it “SpiROSE”, a tribute to HARP, RoseAce and video games dragons.

SpiROSE aims at creating a high resolution 3D POV system ( that can be used as easily as a regular screen, so that princess Leïa can send her hologram to Obi-Wan Kenobi without reading a full spec. To achieve this, the LEDs are distributed across several blades that will rotate at high speed. The goal is to use the full extent of the blades to create a whole cylinder, with no hole in the middle.

A 3D video pipeline needs to be created to provide awesome demo showing the potential of our system. We thought about using it as a sprite bumper viewer (see sprite lamp if you don’t know about bump mapping), then exporting models and animation from Blender and finally adding a plugin to Unity. We may only do a very simple video game using voxel directly if we don’t manage to do better with Unity. Heck, even a simple Minecraft map visualizer would do the trick!

The main subjects are :

  • The layout of the LEDs to create a full cylinder without holes
  • How to use it as a “regular” screen, how to send video data from an external source quickly enough
  • How to achieve all this while keeping a high framerate, response time and resolution
  • How to protect ourselves from the Murphy’s law

For now, our main interrogations are focused on the mechanical parts of the project. We are trying to remove the axial part that can be found on HARP or RoseAce, and move to a rotating cylinder style instead. Besides, we are trying to find other layouts for the LEDs, but occlusion is quite a challenge in this quest. We hope that people with more experience and a better physics understanding could explain us more about it, as we are only computer-engineers-to-be.

We also made rough approximations in order to have an idea of the required bandwidth. This confirmed it will be yet another challenge to tackle. We will give more details during the week as soon as we are sure about the results.

We are really thrilled to make this project as we have seen how awesome previous POV project were and we hope everybody will have a good experience during the four following months working on their ROSE project !

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