[ZeROSEro7] Spy factory since 1962

Our ROSE project – RObotic and Embedded Systems – called ZeROSEro7 will upgrade the spy world! A panoply for Secret agent with several spy weapons the most miniaturized and discreet possible. A small informer which tells you where your target is. A device plug on a computer which send to you important data inside the laptop. And more ideas…

This project includes a team of  Enguerrand, Vincent and Erwan, who will design, produce and valid the viability and performance of our smart devices.

First of all, we had to choose only 3 spy weapons among several gadget ideas we had. We considered our interest in each device and took into account some technical difficulties in order to choose the best ones.

Each device description is following:

  • USB Sniffer
  • Spy Talk
  • Stealth Drop

Then, we will think about technical solutions to design them. We will be able to write a specification for each spy weapon we decided to develop.

After that, we will be able to evaluate more precisely each device difficulty. Considering time and cost constraints, we will modify expectations to make them more or less challenging.

USB Sniffer

Need to know the passwords used on that computer? Or do you want to know email contacts of your targets ? Well, all of this could be retrieved with a keylogger but maybe their security is too high. We have another solution for you !

This would be a small usb2usb device that you plug in between the computer and it’s keyboard. While for the user it will remain transparent and forward all traffic, it will log all the typing in the background and communicate it on demand through some wireless mean. It could even do some pre-sorting and mark susceptible passwords and emails. This gadget should be as small and discreet as possible so that no one notices the little man in the middle.

Spy Talk

Even during a mission, the MI6 agents have to communicate to one another. Still, there might be someone tracking the public network activity and detect them. Hence, they need to have their own private and stealthy communication network. Our goal would be to make some easily concealable relay stations that could be planted across the city. The agents would then be able to communicate using their phones without using any sort of public service.

Stealth Drop

To transfer big amounts of data without being noticed, you can use a USB key. The sender can hide it in a dead drop and the receiver can come and pick it up in the following days. That way they can’t be spotted in the same place at the same time. Yet, they do have to go to the same place.

Our dead drop would add some range to that process so that the agents no longer have to be at the same rendez-vous place. Instead of a USB key, the sender would place a device which will send the data up to a range of a few blocks.The receiver can then activate it and transfer the data with a huge rate and in an even less noticeable way.


IT Student

5 comments to [ZeROSEro7] Spy factory since 1962

  • loikled

    Each student will be working on a separate device?
    Or you will all make choices and work on each device?

    • Erwan

      We are making the BSSC shortly reachable on the Wiki page of our project.
      We want to divide each device in multiple tasks (hardware, software, integration, validation,…)
      Each of us will choose some hardware tasks on one device and a some software tasks on another device, etc.
      So we will be concerned with all devices and will participate as well as possible on each part of the project.

  • jblescher

    Do you intend to make three different printed circuit boards?

    Regarding Stealth Drop, if I understand correctly the receiver will need to activate the sender remotely.
    How do you plan to handle this? Will the sender be listening actively or will it be in a suspend mode ?

    • Erwan

      Yes, we will design 3 different PCB for our 3 spy weapons.

      We are still thinking about the Stealth Drop. We want to save the most energy as possible to have a good autonomous.
      The sender (Stealth Drop) might listen actively a special signature in BLE communication.
      After that, the communication might switch in Wi-Fi to be able to send a lot of data.

  • loikled

    Ok great then, good luck and have fun!

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