Data path in SpiROSE

During this week, we worked on having a better understanding of the project and tried to define a clear data path between the computer and the rotating LEDs. Actually, we had to make a list of PSSCs for yesterday’s presentation and while we were finding new criteria, we realized more and more the amount of work needed to reach the end of the project. Therefore this step was a pretty urgent matter.

At first, we wanted to bind the SpiROSE to a computer through a usual Gbps RJ-45 link, and send the frames to the blades through 5GHz Wi-Fi, because it was the easiest way to scale the display to what we expected. However, we didn’t managed to find cheap and easy ways to do 5GHz Wi-Fi. Besides, we were not really sure of whether interferences effects could happen and it didn’t solve the power issue too.

So after looking for a wireless solution to send data from the computer to the display, we finally decided to find a SBC because of the 5GHz Wi-Fi capability we usually find on them.

The idea yesterday afternoon was to send compressed frames from the computer to SpiROSE in 5GHz 867Mbps Wi-Fi, then decode them on the SBC and send them to a FPGA which will do the transform and filtering computation for each LEDs.

After the presentation, we kept on looking for solutions so as to do all of these computations on the SBC directly, but we couldn’t solve the issue of transmitting the data to the blades from the SBC. We will find solutions by deleting some available voxels close to the center and make the resolution uniform across the display. However, it will be more difficult to do circular pattern painting. Maybe we can manage to do both ? At the moment we are trying to find a way to connect the blades to the SBC.

This week, I will work on having better specifications of the project so that any question like how many LEDs on a blade or what is the speed of the engine is sorted out before the middle of the next week. It will also help to have hindsight of what we choose and later will highlight what changed if we need to cut our expectation for the project.

We will also try to validate another mechanical model, try to negotiate more space or to match our expectation about how the blades are rotating by doing some great jokes with the mechanician. But even if I’m not bad at pun, I’m scared by how we will manage to fix the blades to the drum.

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