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This week’s post is a group post as well. It sums up what we have done and what’s planned for next week.

I wish you happy Reading !

Enguerrand for the ZeROSEro7 team



This week, we made the first version of our PSSCs – Project Specific Success Criteria – which are reachable on the Wiki page of our project (Only available for other students). Each of our 3 devices has it’s own PSSCs although many deadlines are shared across them. Our general idea would be to have all of the PCBs ordered early December and meanwhile we would develop the softwares on development boards. This means that we should choose the µControllers, OS and Wireless modules soon so that we have ordered the dev boards and modules for testing around mid November.


We also made our first presentation in class where we explained our PSSCs and features of each device. Here is what we have came up with for now :

USB Sniffer

  • USB Female
  • USB Male
  • BLE
  • (Optional battery)

Spy Talk

  • USB (debug and recharge)
  • BLE
  • LoRa
  • Battery

Stealth Drop

  • USB (debug and recharge)
  • BLE
  • Wifi
  • Battery


We are still investigating solutions for these questions :

  • Will the USB Sniffer be able to take control of the keyboard and write stuff. Example : typing a password would open a shell on a notepad.
    • Will the USB Sniffer be able to remotely control the computer through Windows shortcuts. Example : ctrl+R, cmd, DOS commands ….
  • Will the USB Sniffer have a battery for instance to still emit over a weekend where the computer is shut down ?
  • The SpyTalk is a BLE to LoRa relay and thus, most of the software part can be done in the smartphone app (messages routing, encryption …). Is there any difficult computing left for the device?

Next Week : Constraints and Components (beginning)

Next week, we will put numbers on all the constraints we want for the project in order to choose the components. This includes range, bandwidth, memory available, battery life …

Since we have 3 devices and not just one, and that they share some modules in common, we want to reuse as much as possible the same components between them.
Ideally, all 3 would have the same µController, BLE and USB ports; We would also find a single dev board that can take the role of any of our gadgets. The flash sizes vary a lot between them so it probably won’t be the same (small for SpyTalk, 1Gb for USB and several Gb for StealthDrop).


Our methodology to achieve the component selection at the moment is to scan the recommended vendors for the BLE modules for instance. Then compare them. It gives us a good idea of what’s achievable (range, size, consumption…) and which components would best suit each of our devices. We also keep in mind that the USB sniffer should be as small as possible (Ideally the size of both USB connectors and no more) as well as the SpyTalk which is to be carried by the agent at all times. One of our concealments designs would be to hide it in a zippo for instance.

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