AmpeRose: Plans for week 2

Hello world!

We are the AmpeRose Team, and we’re excited to tell you that today we embark on our noble quest of creating an affordable high precision Micro-Ammeter!

This week our work will be divided between two crucial tasks:

1-We are going to conduct an extensive research on current measurement techniques and state of the art tools to perform them. This task will be supervised by Ian.

2-Meanwhile, under Michel’s lead falls the task of specifying the architecture of our embedded system, as well as its interface with the IoT device.

In both of the aforementioned tasks, we will first focus on the functionalities, and once we have a clear image, we will choose specific components that fit our specifications.

We will be setting the overall specs and performance requirements for our project very soon, so feel free to comment with your notes, suggestions or remarks!

Keeping you posted,

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