[SpiROSE] More insight into the project and shading issues

It wasn’t an easy week. On Wednesday we had to vindicate the role and utility of our subject. As we moved from a blade-based POV to a rotating-panel-based POV with quite a lot of eccentricity, it was difficult to explain that we switched from a promised seemingly “no-holes” display to a imperfect display with a middle black shade visible from wherever you’re looking to it, as explained by Didjcodt. So we had to find solutions which could reduce this flaw.

This shade appears because LEDs have a emission cone of 120°, so you can’t see them when the panel is almost parallel (depending of the LEDs emission cone and intensity) to your vision’s direction. Beside, this effect is amplified if you increase the eccentricity of your panel, especially in the part behind the rotation axis, because it creates a blind spot with voxels you will never be able to see. This last effect can be reduced with the thickness of the panel, but is inherent to the fact that we have matter in the display and can’t be solved completely.

However, we think the first one can be mitigated by using diffuser. The main question here is how to use them on the amazing thousands of LEDs we have without removing the ability to work on the PCB and fix damaged LEDs or costing too much time or money.

We also plan to use two PCBs for each side of the pane as it will allow as great x2 increase in resolution and maybe (as a bonus) enhance the feeling of having a good-performance screen. But it is a lot more expensive to craft a 200*200 PCB than many smaller PCB — and less secure for us if we are to make mistake and burn some of them. So we are brainstorming on how to craft, assemble and drive them column per column.

With Adrien, we also worked on a little script giving details about the specifications of the project.

Next week, we will work on switching on our first LEDs, working on the LCD screen, starting the PCBs’ scheme, ending the mechanical planification and I will try to make and test an experimental protocol to check if the idea of diffuser on the LED is viable so as to have strong cogent argument on the validity of this project.

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