[ZeROSEro7] As small as a USB key

This week, we finished to find all of our main components; µC, WiFi , BLE and LoRa modules. Then, I worked on three different parts. I wrote specifications of these components, I worked on on the USB Sniffer architecture and I began to work with the WiFi module SDK.

Components specifications

Because all our components where chosen, I wrote their specification to make it clearer.

During this work, I noticed there is no demos with the STM32F215 (the µC) in ChibiOS. Therefore, I looked for another µC with a Chibi demo and two USB ports. The best I found was the STM32F429. Moreover, it has two times more FLASH and RAM (2MB and 256KB). Unfortunately, it is bigger (16x16mm), more expensive and it’s oversized for our needs. This µC will be used into USB Sniffer, with high size limitations so I made drafts of USB Sniffer hardware architecture and understood that 16x16mm is too much. To conclude we will use STM32F215 and work without Chibi demos.

USB Sniffer hardware architecture

Satisfied of my drafts made during the previous part, I continued to design the USB Sniffer hardware architecture. I choose to make a 3D model using Blender because I know this software and it’s pretty easy to work quickly.

All components dimensions are based on datasheets. Differences between this model and the final device can come from the PCB and fixation constraints. This model could help to imagine the size of the USB Sniffer.

USB Sniffer architecture

USB Sniffer 3D model

WiFi module software

After choosing development board for the WiFi module (CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL), I began to discover several tools to use and program this board. We will receive the board next week and I’m waiting for it to blink a LED !


See you next week

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