[Little Brosers] Still working on the trees

Hello everyone this is Guillaume from the Little Brosers.


This week I’ve mostly continued last week’s work imagining the process of Merkle tree comparison.


The major progress has been figuring out the idea I think we are going to use behind the whole procedure. The difficulty is that there are two trees, on two devices that communicate via bluetooth, and we want to minimize the amount of transmission. The main idea is to go through the tree in a simili-depth first search. The first device sends its root hash, and if it is not equal, the second device sends the hash of its children. To keep track of the dialog progress, each device will have a local stack of operations representing whether he has to send or receive next and what he is supposed to send or to wait for. This is still a work in progress so I will not go into details.


To help us planning the key values of the tree we started working on a small python script to simulate a pool of random messages, put them randomly on two devices, build their trees. Next in line is implementing the protocol itself inside the script. Then we will be able to run quick simulations and keep track of the number of transmission needed to resolve the Merkle tree comparison.


This is mostly what my next week will be. I will also be reading resources on how to correctly set up CI for a project, and start to implement the solutions before we start pumping out code ! One thing I would also want to implement this week is a way to clone our wiki to a public location (most likely a github repo). Our project needs a lot of theoretical work, and the result of the work we’ve already done and the work to come is in the wiki, and making it available would be the easiest way to share our work.


That’s all for this week, thank you for reading.


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