SpiROSE: Architecture review

This week was about choosing the main components and reviewing the architecture of the project. A big snapshot of the project have been done on 2017-11-03, available here.

Review of the architecture

The architecture looks like this:

(Errata, the original one is in the snapshot slides)

On the fixed structure, a 3-phase brushless motor (with reductor) is controlled by a speed controller itself driven by an STM32F7 DevKit we already have, that receives an estimation of the speed via an Hall effect sensor. This DevKit also have a Human Machine interface and communicates to the Single Board Computer (we’re still looking for…) using a WiFi connection. The SBC is in the Rotary part. It communicates to the FPGA (probably using an HDMI to RGB chip, we’re still looking for high bandwidth outputs on the SBCs to avoid that) and a SPI+UART connection let us have a low-speed communication between both. The SBC also has GPIOs for programming the FPGA.

The FPGA receives the RGB stream and splits it to the ~30 8-multiplexed LED drivers that drives the LEDs. The FPGA is managing the multiplexing using another Hall effect sensor.


What’s next

The FPGA and the SBC are not fully chosen for now. We are still looking for boards with good output bandwidth that fit our requirements (like, not PCIe because of impedance matching issues, and not GPMC as there is no board available anymore). The other parts are chosen.


Next week we have to choose the SBC and FPGA.


2 comments to SpiROSE: Architecture review

  • Alexis

    What is this “WiFi” shared by the fixed and the rotative part?

  • didjcodt

    As it seems to be confusing for lots of people, I just published an errata with two WiFi blocks. Each WiFi block is a WiFi connection. (The original picture is still in the snapshot, as it’s a snapshot :))

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