[SpiROSE] POV test on LED, need more experiments

On Wednesday, we tried to apply the experiment protocol about testing the LED’s POV effect with a rotating plane. We used a LED matrix taped on a cardboard that we fixed on an axis. The assembly was not perfect but might have validate the protocol, or at least the fact that we could use a camera to have better ideas on the POV effect. Actually, the second point was a success, but we couldn’t validate anything more.

Here is a picture of the assembly:

And here a picture of the result we got (5” exposition, 50mm focale, 3200iso, F/2.5 aperture):

There are two points to observe. On the first hand, the LED matrix is not centered on the axis, and has ~2cm of eccentricity. On the second hand, there are no shades on the middle of the result, so we couldn’t even test with diffusers. In fact, the fact that we have some eccentricity moved the problem to the edge of the visible arc.

However, we didn’t have any problem to see the matrix from a little less than 90° (perpendicular to the emission direction of the LED) so working on this experiment might be more complex than expected. We will try another experiment using the LED we will use for the project and flattening the panel.

This week, we will start the schematics and finalize to define what kind of data we send to the SBC, as it has become difficult to find SBC with the requirements for everything we excepted.

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