[ZeROSEro7] Nordic nRF52 getting started

This week, we have continued to research component for our devices. We analyzed more precisely features and made the decision to keep the following items:

Tab 1 : Components
 µC  STM32F215RG
 BLE  nRF52832-QFAA
 LoRa  SX1276IMLTR

For each component, we chose a microprocessor development board to begin the software part of each device. We ordered all microprocessor development board Friday and we will receive them on Monday. We ordered the following items:

Tab 2 : microprocessor development board
 µC  OLIMEX STM32-E407
 BLE  Nordic nRF52 DK
 Wifi  Texas Instrument CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL

Nordic nRF52

I got the BLE development Kit from Nordic last Friday and I began to use it. I read a lot of information about this board on Nordic website.

I read, more specifically, information about the nRF52_DK PCA10040 v1.1.1 which contain a nRF52832 component. I got back useful files like datasheets, SDK, examples, etc.

I started to set up the environment to this development board. I got back a linker script and wrote a gdbinit to load and debug a program on the nRF52_DV. I’m editing a Makefile able to compile, load and debug a program.

Next week I will finish the environment and start to reorder useful file to push in our git repository. I would like also to discover the PCB software Xpedition PCB to start to design schematics.


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