[Little Brosers] Finalize the Makefile and setup the CI

Hello there!


Guess what ? This week i’m writing my article from Madrid ! So let’s sum up what happened this week int the Little Brosers project, or at least, what I worked on.


This week was all about designing a compilation environment. First we started from the Nordic’s SDK examples. It gave us a functional Makefile compatible with the design we had in mind.

First idea was to put all make targets (devkit targets, c++ simulation target, custom Little Brosers PCB targets),  in one Makefile. However, it seemed simpler and cleaner to have a Makefile per platform. Thus we now have two Makefiles. One for building a .elf for the DevKit and another one for the C++ simulation.

Those two pick code from three folders:

  • hw : All code here is hardware dependent
  • core : All code here is hardware independent. It’s basically merging Merkle trees algorithms and cryptographic code. No main.c/.cpp should exist here.
  • sim : All code here is used to test the core folder C code. It allows us to get ride of BLE communication constraints to test algorithms.

The C++ simulation Makefile also comes with the linter related targets designed by me and Guillaume Lagrange.
Those are used by ourselves (programmers) before pushing our code and also by the CI to test the code style.

I worked a lot on the C++ Makefile to allow it manage automatically dependencies and put all the .o and .d files in a “build” sub folder. The objective was to never create any file in the src/ folder of the project. Indeed, we have to keep in mind that other Makefile will read files in the src/ folder.


Continuous Integration

This week was also about setting up the continuous integration using GitLab and Docker. This job has been shared between all group members. I took care of the CI artifacts and C/C++ compilation stages. Other group members took care of CI for python, linter and Android mobile app.

See you next week from home this time 🙂

Antony Lopez


Antony Lopez

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