[ZeROSEro7] Running demo and Fibonacci on the nRF52 Dev Kit

This week was consecrated to development boards. We received all of it and we started to create environments to develop, compile and debug programs on it.

I continued my work on the nRF52 Development Kit and I finally finished the environment for this board. I made a Makefile which compiles the main.c file with the SDK directory, sdk_config.h and the linker script. It’s possible to  load the program in flash with make flash which used a Nordic command line tool called nrfjprog. Finally I can debug codes with make startgdbserver which open a JLinkGDBServer and make debug which called arm-none-eabi-gdb function.


I wrote 2 functions in C Language to compute the Fibonacci sequence. The first function is a linear algorithm and the second is a recursive algorithm. I loaded these functions in the nRF52 Dev Kit to valid an Issue and we added some tests in the gitlab-ci.yml file to test every push with GitLab if the code is correct.

Install software

Finally, I installed on my computer Clang-format to be able to format my code according the coding style, I installed stlink to use the LoRa Development Kit and I installed XpeditionPCB to design schematic and PCB.

Next week is the Athens program I participate it. So, I won’t be able to work on Development Kit and I will try to begin the schematic of the spy talk.


IT Student

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