[ZeROSEro7] CC3220SF-LaunchXL

This week, I worked on the WiFi development board in order to be able to launch and debug programs.

The CC3220SF-LaunchXL board is pretty easy to use because there is several tools to develop on this board.

There is a lot of documentation, a SDK, a program used to flash the card and a complete IDE based on eclipse.

Despite all this tools, it’s very difficult to compile, flash and debut some program “manually”.

Hopefully, SDK gives some examples so I am able to compile a program.

Moreover, a set of command lines are defined to flash the card. Therefore, I can flash the board with my own programs. Actually, I found three different ways to flash the card.

However, I’m not able to debug this program. Using IDE, I can make whatever I want, i.e program, compile, flash, and debug, but I can’t use command line so I can’t make it easy to use.

I will spend this new week to continue working on the CC3220SF-LaunchXL and I will start to use Expedition PCB.

See you next week

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