[Little Brosers] Python script and CI

Hello there, this is Guillaume from the Little Brosers for my weekly post. This one is a little late because I am in Vienna since Friday and I could not find some time to write it down.


I have done two major things this week. First is finishing the python script started last week. It now generates a random pool of messages, simulates two devices taking random messages from this pool, build each device’s Merkle tree, and then simulates the tree comparison protocol. The result of this protocol is the listing of messages from the device and messages the device has to send. All my tests have been successful: each device identified correctly what message it is missing and what message it has to send, so it has been a relief.


I have not yet done extensive study of the number of transmission to find the most effective tree structure, but I most likely come to that later.


The second thing I have done this week is set up the CI with my group. We organized it in five stages:

  • Checking software version on the docker image
  • Linting of our code
  • Compilation
  • Semantic tests
  • Deployment

We have not yet written propoer semantic tests but it is going to come alongside our code for the project.


We also received the development kits from nordic, si I started working on it a little bit. Unfortunately, I am going to be quite busy this week so I am not sure how much I will be able to accomplish. For the moment I managed ot connect to the board through a gdb server. Nect will be making a led blink, and using the UART, then we’ll be ready to roll and start to implement our code.


I am looking forward to come back to Paris since there is a very active period ahead of us now that we can start the actual work to implement our ideas. I hope I will be able to start properly working on the dev board before I come back.


That’s all for now, thank you for reading.



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