SpiROSE: LEDs place and route

My week was dedicated to do the placement tests for the LED PCBs. The schematic for one ‘driver column’ (meaning the number of columns driven by a set of drivers to make a repeatable set) have been done using 3 drivers per ‘driver column’. The placement is:

  • 2 drivers on the top of the circuit, with a ground plane under
  • 3 ‘micro-planes’ of LEDs (a micro-plane is 8*16 LEDs in 8-multiplexing, with column multiplexing)
  • 1 driver on the bottom of the circuit, with a ground plane under

There have been multiple trials for the place and route, the pictures retrace the big steps.

This is the last version on the sunday morning.

Part of a driver being routed.

LEDs main view.

Schematic of 2/3rd of one ‘micro-column’

Details on the routing of the LEDs.


The components are all in the top layer, so that we can put two PCBs back to back without any problem (with an isolation layer between the two to avoid short-circuits).

The place and route step of the LEDs PCB is nearly finished, it should be done before the end of the week.


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