[SpiROSE] Moar render

SoM – Finally the final choice

This week, we finally chose an appropriate SoM along all those I did find. Well, actually, only one did match the requirements :

  • Onboard Wifi
  • GPU
  • Parallel RGB and/or fast GPMC-like interface
  • No “contact us” bullcrap to get one

As it turns out, those criterias are so specific that only the WandBoard did match our requirements. The wifi kicked the FireFly boards out, GPU removed all FPGA SoC, Parallel RGB removed RK3399 based boards. Fast GPMC removed all Gumstix ones, and the “contact us” threw away Variscite and Theobroma.

Phew. Thus it has been ordered on friday. We expect it to arrive as soon as possible.

Rendering – pipeline mostly done

I also refined the rendering side of things, by generating the image that would be sent by the SBC to the FPGA.

In the above picture, the bottom left corner still has the voxel texture, but also the end goal, with the white things. Those are the 32 slices of the voxelized suzanne along a vertical plane.

Those slices (and micro images) are effectively a refresh of the rotating panel each. Thus, the FPGA will only have to cherry pick the proper subpart of the image to refresh the LED panel.

This sliced version is generated in a pixel shader from the voxel texture (the blue thing on the bottom left).

Next week

We’ll (hopefully) get to play on the SBC. Despite having an Athens week, I’ll try to port this renderer to OpenGL ES, which may not be very trivial.

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