[SpiROSE] no more EIM and we now have SystemC for testing

Hey, this week we read a lot of FPGA and SBC documentation. The goal was to be sure our project was feasible with the components we chose. We also validated many points on our design.

Choice of RGB versus EIM

It appears that we can’t use the “fast GPMC-like interface”, also known as the EIM on the board. Fortunately, as Tuetuopay explained it, the RGB is doing very well for what we ask it for.

The reason for not using the EIM are very simple : it doesn’t go on the MXM connector. Dot. So now we take a definitive stance on the choice of the communication bus from SBC to FPGA.

SystemC for testing

As written in our previous posts, we were trying to use Verilator as a compiler to SystemC. It is now an almost finished task. Each SystemVerilog file is built with a SystemC testbench and we are currently working on finishing a SystemC TLC5957 driver model and associated utils to produce test sequences and a way to test our driver and LED with C program directly, so as to validate everything. Tests will be done before the end of the week and we have a solid knowledge of the behaviour of the TLC5957.

Only one or two points are still beyond our understanding : the behaviour of XREFRESH also known as auto-refresh is part of them for instance, but we have good hopes to assert its behaviour with the previous library.

The Verilator makefile won’t produce correct dependency files too, but it will be fixed by replacing it by our own rules.

Next steps

There have still some issues with the SBC as it can’t do what we were expected at first.

Next week, we have to finish the tests quickly so as to integrate the FPGA parts into our project. After that we will fix the SBC issue by either finding a way to do what we want (openCL, CPU parts) or by replacing it by another CPU-only algorithm.

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