[ZeROSEro7] WiFi chip switch

The previous week, I worked on the WiFi development board C3220SF-LAUNCHXL.

At the previous post, I was able to compile and load program with command line into the development board. Also, TI provides an IDE to load and debug a program. However, I was not able to debug with command line. Therefore, without the whole board (only with the chip), I can’t debug any program.

I used JLINK to access the CC3220SF chip but several errors occurred. More specifically, AHB-AP registers of the Cortex-M4 values are wrong (DBGDRAR, which is read only is not valid for example). I am now stuck at this step.

After 3 week working on the WiFi module, we decided to change it. The stealth drop architecture is changing: we will replace the C3220SF by a STM32F215 (same as USB Sniffer µP) and a AMW006.

I also worked on USB Sniffer schematics. I almost finished its first version. I need to choose an antenna.

This week, I will try to use the AMW006 chip and I will finish USB Sniffer schematics.

See you next week

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