[Little Brosers] Messages

This week I’ve worked extensively on the generation and parsing of messages in the mobile app. While I was planning on getting started with BLE on the devkit, I had to take care of this PSSC first.

Message Structure

The idea is to define a structure for the messages that will be handled in the app, as well as the interface with the raw messages that will be exchanged over BLE. In order to do that I implemented this kind of structure:

Raw message represents a message as a sequence of bytes that are exchanged over BLE. GenericMessage is the Java representation of any message object that has a header, payload and signature. It takes care of going to and from a raw message. After a message is parsed and transformed into a GenericMessage, its type is checked and then an object with the corresponding message type is created and handled by the app. For the moment we only have one type of messages, which is EncryptedTextMessage.

We put time and effort into this one in order to make it as simple as possible to add other message types in the future without having to rewrite the app’s code. A more detailed description is available in our wiki Java message structure.


Another big aspect of generating messages is taking care of the cryptographic aspects, which are signature and encryption. I’m working closely with one of my teammates who’s handling the back-end side of our system (server and certificate authority) in order to be able to generate properly encrypted and signed messages as soon as possible.

Little Brosers ID

We also chose our 4-byte Little Brosers ID that will help us identify BLE advertising messages that come from our Drops. I won’t reveal what it is but I’ll only say that it has something to do with initials 😉


For Next Week

I plan on having working messages before the end of the week. I’m also hoping to start working on the devkit to implement our protocol over BLE (as described in a previous post).

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