[Little Brosers] Exploring the GATT

This week, I have continued my exploration of the SDK and the softdevice. The reason I was not able to register a custom service last week has been found quite quickly: there was a variable in the config file of the SDK/softdevice which held the maximum number of vendor specific GATT service allowed. Running into this problem has made me correctly set up the debugging through RTT, and saved me a lot of headaches for the next obstacle. Once the variable for the maximum number of vendor specific GATT services was correctly set, the softdevice needed more space in memory. Thanks to the debugging messages, we were able to quickly identify the problem and modify the linker script to give more memory to the soft device. Without the precise debugging messages I wonder how much time I would have spent scratching my head trying to explain the crashes of the board.


The next thing I did was refactoring the monolithic main.c given as a template by the Nordic SDK to coherent small files. While quite simple in appearance, I have actually spent an entire afternoon doing it, figuring out the correct headers to include from the SDK, and having to change the structure in some cases. Since some definition macro from the SDK declared variables as static, but these variables were needed across multiple files. However this was not wasted time, as it made me more comfortable with the SDK.


The remainder of the week has been dedicated to adding characteristics to the GATT service, playing around with read and write rights, and then setting up a timer to transfer the temperature of the CPU automatically through a notify characteristic. This is almost done, and should be finished by tomorrow afternoon.


Next week, I want to focus on helping Antony writing the C implementation of our Merkle tree comparison protocol, and I also want to work on the bluetooth side of the Android app, expanding on Chris’s work. I also have some catch-up to do on the server code from Xavier that I have already started.




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