[Little Brosers] Messages Done

Last week I was in the middle of finishing the message structure, parsing and encoding, on the Android side in Java. I’m pleased to announce that the mobile app can now properly encrypt and sign a clear text message and transform it into an array of bytes that will be sent over BLE, as well as parse that raw message and transform it back into the clear text message. This means that for the moment my work in the Android part is over.

Besides that, I started working with the Nordic development kit, by trying to understand the examples provided, and how everything works. During that time I also managed to implement our advertising protocol on the devkits, which means that now, they are advertising themselves are proper drops from the Little Brosers network! In a nutshell, I implement the protocol described in one of my previous posts [Little Brosers] Being Heard.

Next Steps

The next step for me would be working on the authentication aspect of our protocol (which will be slightly modified) using a GATT service.

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