[AmpeRose] Believe it or not, STM32CubeMX wasn’t able to find a solution at full speed clock, but guess what, I did it…

Good evening everyone,

This week, I worked on schematics, simulation and power supply.

I started by reviewing the configuration of the STM32F767 microprocessor that is going to be used in our project. I used the STM32CubeMX software to review the pin assignments, check for potential conflicts.

In addition, one of the important aspect of this software is the clock configuration. Manually configuring it wouldn’t be an easy task though.

However, it’s not always possible to find an automatic solution using this software because there are a lot of constraints to take into consideration, lucky me, that was the case.

Eventually, I managed to manually configure the clock at full speed (spoiler 216MHz 🙂 ) and respect all different constraints. Yes I did it and I hate STM32CubeMX for that :).

In terms of schematics, I also reviewed them:  finalized the configuration of the microprocessor, removed some the unused pull down resistors in the ethernet schema in order to use less components and simplify the routing.

To have an idea of our full consumption, thus designing the right decoupling capacitors, I compiled a list that specifies the consumption of each component. The list is not fully complete yet because there has been some changes in some components, so I will finalize it when we choose the appropriate components that suit our needs.

Also, during this week, I joined the team and did some simulations in order to try to minimize the full drop voltage that occurs during the 100ns that corresponds more or less to the op amp response time. After all, the solution was to design an suitable decoupling capacitor that will maintain the voltage across the DUT.

Stay stuned,

See you next week.


2 comments to [AmpeRose] Believe it or not, STM32CubeMX wasn’t able to find a solution at full speed clock, but guess what, I did it…

  • Samuel Tardieu

    Not that I doubt you Bilal, but make sure one of your projectmates double checks it!

    • BA

      As a matter of fact, even when tweaking all the parameters manually, we can still make sure that the clock configuration
      is valid by the software itself!. Thus, because no conflict appears after doing those changes, I believe that it works well.
      However,you’re right, double checking is important, and those changes were validated by Ian.

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