[AmpeRose] GUI Skeleton

Hello AmpeRose fans,

This post is a bit overdue… Well a lot overdue, I was supposed to write it last week :p

So, that week, in addition to working on the calibration schema, I created the class diagram for our graphic interface, which I ordered into three well wrapped levels:

  • Back-end
  • Data View
  • Graphic interface


The Back-end handles communications with AmpeRose, which includes

  • Reading Data sent by AmpeRose
  • Decoding data using a specific configuration (Translation)
  • Sending commands to AmpeRose
  • Performing special operations with the data (save to file, backup, send to database…)

N.B: Just yesterday, we decided that we might add another class that would handle error correction, using correction info sent forth by AmpeRose. (Benefits of being late :p)



The Data View does not handle the data per Se, but it handles how this data will be viewed.

For instance, it is here that we can choose to view the data as a simple continuous stream, or as lapses that obey to a certain trigger. It is also here that we can calculate the FFT of our data points, to allow the user to see the frequency spectrum of his device. The data container of the Data View will act as a moving window for the measurements, i.e. it will contain a fixed number of points (10^7 to 10^8), and as new data pours in, values will be replaced.


The graphic interface

This part of the pc software is what the user will see and use directly. It will view the data in a useful manner, and will allow for control over AmpeRose, as well as the other components of the software.


That’s all for tonight folks,

But stay tuned for the way more interesting post about the updates on our calibration circuit this week!

P.S: Some titles are links to images of the class diagrams.

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