This week, I worked on the DFU (or Device firmware update) over BLE. I succeeded in doing a dfu with our firmware, now I need to automatise it.

How it works

To make a DFU, we need another application called the DFU bootloader, it does this:

  • Check if a valid app is present (it will check a crc32 checksum)
  • If it’s the case it will run it, unless someone is pressing on button 4 (of course we will change it)
  • If there is no valid app or someone is pressing on button 4, the bootloader will enter dfu mode and wait for a dfu signed packet (there is a public key somewhere in the bootloader code)
  • If nobody is doing a DFU, and there was a valid application, it will run it after a timeout
  • If someone is doing a DFU, it will write the new code to the flash, check the content, and run it.

So the steps to make it work are:

  • Compile the bootloader and flash it
  • Compile the firmware
  • Create a zip packet with nrfutil : nrfutil pkg generate –application _build/nrf52832_xxaa.bin –debug-mode –hw-version 52 –sd-req 0xFFFE –key-file bootloader/key
  • Send it to your phone, and start nrf connect, launch the dfu

The dfu took 30 seconds (our app is not stripped, so it should be 15 seconds actually),

The softdevice update took 1 min 30.

Now I need to make the CI create the zip package, with a good private key handling, and see how we will work locally (on our laptops) with it.

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