[Little Brosers] Who Are You?

Last week I mentioned that I will start working on the authentication part, however, there was a PSSC that needed to be closed fast so I worked on it for the most of the week. It was basically about making the drop able to read a message from a sequence of bytes and verify its signature. This was simple considering I did exactly the same thing in Java before but in a more complex way.

Besides that, I started working on the authentication service. I created a new GATT service and added characteristics associated with the data that will be exchanged. The drop will always request the user’s time certificate, and the certificate with his public key, both signed by our server. After that, it’s a challenge-response mechanism; the user sends a random number to the drop which the latter has to sign (to make sure it’s not a rogue drop), and vice-versa to authenticate the user. After this stage is passed, both parties can start the Merkle tree comparison and the message exchange.

For the moment, the service is up and running, and the characteristics available with the proper read/write permissions. The next step would be to work on the backend of this service, that is the challenge creation, response, and verification as well as the verification of the user and time certificates.

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