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Last week I was supposed to start working on the UI that will receive data from Amperose and display them. However since we were finalizing the design of our circuit and its schematics, I had to work on other tasks (Given that finishing the PCB has the highest priority).

First of all, we solved the last few problems we faced (with the help of M. Polti) so Momo and I worked on the simulations (LTSpice again 🙁 ) to make sure we have an operating circuit.

Second, since the schematics were done, every single member had to review the schematics to find all the errors. Reviewing the schematics includes reviewing ALL the datasheets of the elements we used.

Right now, while my teammates are working on the PCB, I am helping them with the switching circuitry. I am trying to distribute the logical elements packaging and pins to make routing easier. I am still far from finding the optimal assignment but there are a lot of advancements.

Back to my original task, when I was not working on the previous tasks, I started implementing – with the help of Michel – the class diagram he made for the backend of UI. As for the display part, since we are going to use PyQtGraph, I followed the given examples and I wrote some myself to get familiar with this awesome library. In addition I implemented a simple server – client program. The server (UI) makes a broadcast to find a client listening on a specific port (Amperose). Then a connection between them is established, and the client code starts sending random numbers. The server reads these numbers and displays them on a graph. Nothing too fancy, but still useful.

This week, after we finish the PCB, I will go back to my original task and get it working by the end of the week.

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